Monday, February 10, 2014

Hudson's Bedroom Inspiration

The minute I started working on his sister's room, my eight-year-old has begged me to start his room makeover. Well, it's finally his turn. I've had this plan floating around in mind for quite some time now, and the second I laid eyes on that Meteorite Quilt the whole room fell into place. Take a look:

Hudson's favorite color is red, he loves outer space and science, and he specifically requested the red gummy bear night light. I painted the walls Silver Gray by Benjamin Moore--see that swatch in the upper left? I think it should be a pretty great backdrop for all the fun stuff happening here. 

Like most guys his age, Hudson is reeeeally into Legos. So my game plan centers entirely around his Lego storage and display needs. Santa was kind enough to DIY him a Lego work table of his very own. If I can get ahold of my contact at the North Pole, maybe we can share the quickest tutorial ever with you. I'd like to fit in a large bulletin board somewhere above the workstation so he can hang up his construction plans.

I think this room is going to fit his needs perfectly. Can't wait to see how it comes together.

Pictured above: Benjamin Moore Silver Gray, Magnificent Metal Letter, Meteorite Quilt, Science Banner (Planets), Legos, Gummy Bear Night Light, On the Grid Nightstand, Bubble Wall Clock , Black Stripe Teepee, Meteorite Sham, Radial Wall Shelf 

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