Tuesday, February 25, 2014

10 Reasons I Love My New Shark Rocket

I met the lovely people from Shark Cleaning at Alt Summit last month. I kind of hate product demos, because it's awkward oohing and aahing over the features of the product in question. But the Shark demo was different for me. I actually walked away wondering how I could get my hands on one of these little dream machines. You can imagine my delight when those kind folks emailed me a week later, and offered to give me a Shark Rocket in exchange for my opinion. I'm full of opinions, so no problem there.

Here's my honest-to-goodness opinion: I love it. Love, love it. Like so much that I would go out and buy one for myself if I didn't all ready have one. Also, my kids love it so much that they insisted they demo it for you in the photos. They take vacuuming very seriously. No, really. Look at those faces.

10 Reasons I Love My New Shark Rocket:
  1. The Rocket grosses me out. 
    • It's super disgusting to see how much dirt has been lurking in my carpets. I get kind of excited/disgusted every time I need to empty the dirt bin. Some of the dirt it's pulling out has probably been here longer than we have. Gross and awesome at the same time. Kind of like my kids.
  2. My whole family likes using it. 
    • Bonus points for tricking my family into helping with the housework.
  3. It makes vacuuming the stairs no big deal.
    • Really. I've done it like 5 times in the last two weeks. Just typing that makes me realize I've gone a bit overboard. Whatever. At least my stairs are clean.
  4. It's a dream for cleaning the car.
    • And I haven't even bought the car detail kit yet. But watch out when I do. 
  5. You can configure it so many ways, it can clean almost anything
    • Except the fridge or the shower. But can you blame it? I hate cleaning those things too. I did use it to clean the fans in the bathrooms and all the air vent covers. Those are almost as bad as cleaning the shower. 
  6. Setup is SO easy 
    • Take it out of the box, click three parts together, done. Shark should give Santa some pointers so Christmas Eve setup could be as easy.
  7. It's easy to empty, and easy to change attachments.
    • I see a theme here: Easy. Basically, I'm a fan of anything that makes my life easier.
  8. It's lightweight, and compact. 
    • The small head fits under almost all of my furniture, unlike my toddler's.
  9. My 8-year-old thinks it looks like a metal detector.
    • Plus, he thinks it's super cool to see how much dirt is in the carpet when he empties the bin. We're all fixated on the dirt thing.
  10. Even my husband noticed a difference. 
    • He came home that first day and said, "Did you get a new vacuum? It's waaay better than the central vacuum. The carpet looks great." (This is a huge compliment coming from the guy who went three days before noticing I'd painted the office).
So all in all, we're huge fans. Thanks, Shark, for making our house cleaner and my life easier.
If you want to read more about the technical details and the attachments available for the Shark Rocket, visit them here.

And for your viewing enjoyment, here are a few more "action" shots:

This guy is the quality control inspector. He likes to get down there and check it out.

Charlotte's standard cleaning uniform: all polka dots, all the time. And her foreman, Nolan, is instructing her in the proper techniques of rug cleaning. He really knows his stuff.

He wanted to show you how cool he looks vacuuming the stairs. Much cooler than I do, so he's got that going for him.

And a thumbs up. Looks like the metal detector located some buried treasure in the living room. Awesome.

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