Thursday, February 27, 2014

DIY Tassel Necklace

I've been wanting to share this necklace tutorial with you for ages. And (hooray!) today's the day. My inspiration is directly from an Anthropologie necklace I pinned a while back. And now this fun necklace can be yours in five easy steps.

Gather your supplies: I prowled around GemFaire last time they were in town to find exactly what I was looking for…check them out when they're in your town. It's a sight to behold.
Here are a couple options similar to what I used:

Step 1: Use one crimp tube to attach the beading wire to the loop on the pendant.

Step 2: String 1/2 of the turquoise beads, using one metal spacer bead between each turquoise. I used 20 turquoise beads for this section.

Step 3: String all of the grey beads. 58 beads, in my case. Use one metal spacer bead between each grey bead.

Step 4: string the remaining turquoise beads and spacer beads.

Step 5: Attach the loose end to the ring on the pendant using the remaining crimp tube. Make sure to pull the beading wire tight so the beads don't slide around. Cut the loose wire.

Ta-Da! You did it! Cute necklace in no time at all. And imagine all the possibilities with different colors and stones. You could even grab a tassel from the sewing section of the craft store for a different look.

Remember that the total cost for this project varies greatly depending on the beads you select. Natural turquoise is so much prettier than imitation turquoise, but it costs a lot more. I highly recommend stopping by a gem or bead show when they're in town, because you can see all your options in person, and they often have special sales happening during the show.

And just a quick shout-out to my little helper. She loves making jewelry…maybe she'll share a tutorial of her own next week. :)

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Ann said...

You're gorgeous, the necklace is gorgeous, Charlotte is gorgeous