Friday, February 7, 2014

Valentine Donut Flags

I couldn't resist adding a little donut humor to one of my 12 Days of Love surprises for the kids. My kids go crazy over the little powdered sugar donuts, and it made for a quick, simple breakfast surprise.

I found these cute heart straws at Target. They're the perfect size for this project: a little bit shorter and chubbier than your average paper straw. I'm also going to use them to make the scroll letters in the 12 Days list. Photos coming soon. 

But for these little donut flags, just download and print my little printable flags, cut them out and glue 'em onto a straw. When you're ready for breakfast, stack up a few donuts, push the straw through the donut holes and you're all set. Bonus points for serving fruit along with the donuts. That'll definitely make you feel like SuperMom.