Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Friday, friends. So glad to be at the weekend. Our week has been soggy and pretty exhausting, if you ask me. Not to mention I'm actually starting to get tired of my rain boots. Never thought I'd say that. Here's a quick happy list to kick off your weekend.

This book makes me happy.
 {And for those of you who are worried, everything IS going to be ok.} 

clean kitchen makes me happy.
And an occasional splurge on a new product gives me the motivation I need to keep it clean. Know what I mean?
Maybe a little too much Dr. Seuss at bedtime, eh?

Rugged storage bins make me happy.
{Keeping the house clean for a couple hours while the kids are in bed makes me really happy}

Beautiful terrariums make me happy.
Definitely check out the gorgeous work at Sea & Asters.

Lightweight spring scarves make me happy.

Gold + Turquoise together make me happy

More reasons I'm happy this week:
  • We're off to the Space & Science Center with friends this morning. Science + Friends = Best Day Ever
  • The new grocery store down the street just opened. Now making a "quick trip" to the store is a reality again.
  • Collaborations are in the works for some fun holiday projects this year. (Yes, it's March, and I'm talking about Christmas!)
  • Pinterest makes me happy every day. Organization + Inspiration = Pure Bliss. Check out my pins here to see what inspires me right now.
Why are you happy today?


Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle said...

Is it me? I totally get what you mean about splurging on a cleaning product. I have some lemony-organic overpriced hand-soap that makes me deliriously happy to do my dishes! I love that crate on wheels btw! Hope you had a great weekend!

xo Mary Jo

Stephanie said...

love those rolling storage bins!

piccolinadesigns said...

LOVE the storage bins. Thanks for sharing! :)