Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Right Words

Isn't it amazing how the right words at the right time make all the difference? Here are some sweet sentiments that have set my heart all a flutter this week:

{via the style files}

And then two more that made me smile:

Because we all need a little reassurance sometimes.
And even better: you can have one of your very own!

I imagine this as being written on a wall in a train station or subway platform. This is my kind of vandalism. If you're going to write on a wall, the least you can do is put a little thought into it.

{via we heart it}

Oh, and speaking of nice words, I'm still beaming over the nice things the lovely Anne had to say about me yesterday over at The City Sage. Another case of the right words at the right time. Thank you, my dear.


Miss Aimee said...

all beautiful words! I love the hanger one! That is too cute and going in the back of my brain for another day!

Kotori said...

Love the post it note. Such beautiful thoughts. I love how they're written.

I love your blog and have really felt inspired while reading it. I would love to add it to my blog reads on my own blog. Would you mind? :)

Blair said...

Oh, I love the words on the hanger--such a great idea! These are all lovely though. Also, your new header is very well done!

Anonymous said...

I love each and every one of these! i emailed the 'if you hadn't found me...' to the huz cause I know it will make him smile. i just can't get enough of sweet, straightforward sentiments like these.

and you're very welcome for yesterday's post! like i said, the pleasure was all mine :)

oh, and I agree with blair that the new header is awesome!

nichole said...

Love it! I'm finding words everywhere I go. I think it's a sign of the times, no?