Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I Wish... mornings looked more like this:

And less like this:

{Photo Credits}
Top image from my year of mornings
Bottom image from the photographic dictionary.

I recently discovered sunmamma's amazing flickr page, which led me to her blog, which is filled with a lovely photo from each morning. I love how she sees beauty in the simple ordinary things that often go unnoticed. She {almost} makes me want to be a morning person. I'm at least going to look a little harder through my bleary eyes to see the beauty around me. Here are some other favorites from her blog:

She got her inspiration for this project from 3191, which is also filled with more amazing photos.

{All photos, except "asleep" are from my year of mornings}.


Miss Aimee said...

love your new header! so now you need a real photo of YOU so we can all meet you! hee hee.

Kotori said...

I'm afraid that if I did "a year of mornings" they would all look like the 2nd photo (plus the addition of morning breath... not pleasant). This pics make me want to be more of a morning person too.

Design Lovely said...

Beautiful photos. I am off to check out more. Thanks for the sneak peek!

nichole said...

Love these shots! I was actually quite addicted to 3191's mornings and enjoyed their follow-up evening shots.

Ahhhh ... photos!