Friday, January 30, 2009

Put Some Spring in Your Step

I'm quite taken with these little shoes I picked up the other day. I actually love them so much, I may have to get them in another color.
But I'm also swooning over these little beauties.

Funny enough, I'm still a newcomer to the genre of ballet flats. I'm a little on the short side (5'2"). OK, so I'm just plain short. I always wore heels to give me a little extra boost. When H started running everywhere (into the street, away from me in public, etc.) that all changed. I quickly realized that I need the ability to break into a sprint, dive or jump at any given moment. And while I may be sacrificing some height, at least I'm not skimping on style. So if you see a crazy mom chasing after a crazy redhead, try to notice the shoes...and give me a couple points for trying to keep up with him. :)


Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle said...

Ha, I have to laugh because I'm tall and it was still a mental adjustment to get used to flats. They really are practical for those times you have to look nice but walk (or in your case, run). Love both the Piper Lime pair and the yellow pair (I'm afraid to look on those because I might have to get them!) Also, I left a comment on your beautiful stationary but don't think it published--it's delish and someday when I do have a valentine I will get some, but will just have to find another occassion to use your cards!

thanks btw for stopping by tys yesterday and for your kind comment :)

Miss Aimee said...

I am dreaming literally about that mustard yellow color trying to plan out my master bedroom wall! I am thinking a blue with greys and hits of the mustard yellow. What do you think about that???

Kotori said...

I'm totally laughing because your post fits me perfectly! I'm also 5'2" (although I can stretch it to 5'3") and have had to transition to flats more now that I have kids. I've never understood those women in the mall wearing stilettos and chasing a toddler! crazy.

I'm all about the flats now too, and these look like a great find. I'm off to check them out for myself. Have a great weekend!

Blair said...

Ok I just love flats. Those olive ones you got are beautiful and those yellow ones are equally stunning. I can only last about 20 minutes in heels comfortably. I am 5' 10" and never really felt comfortable being that tall until I married a 6' 10" man:)

dwellings and decor said...

Love that green color and the yellow flats are pretty cute too! You have excellent taste!