Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Jonathan Adler at Barnes & Noble

Over the weekend while I was bustling about trying to prepare for my interview, I made a quick trip to Barnes & Noble. I grabbed my merchandise and made a beeline for the checkout. Then something stopped me dead in my tracks. The Jonathan Adler collection, exclusively at B&N. Not only is it the perfect color scheme for my studio, but it's so darn cute!

Pictured items:
{Blue Hands Bookends} I'm a sucker for creative bookends. These are perfection.
{Blue & Brown Words Notebooks} These are the perfect purse-size notebooks. I love the elastic closure...it'll keep out stray fruit snacks and other gross things that may be lurking in my bag!
{Flower File Folders} I didn't get these, but I sure think they're cute.

I guess this post isn't really all that earth-shattering; because how could I not love anything from the impeccable Jonathan Adler? But next time you're shopping for books, check out his collection. Your office will definitely be more organized and pretty because of it.