Monday, August 26, 2013

Paper Popsicles

Charlotte has a newly-discovered love of crafting. And I'm tickled pink that she's happy for hours cutting and gluing and creating. I don't even mind that she's used up all of our paper plates and straws and rolls and rolls of tape making her inventions. I love seeing the workings of her imagination become reality.

Over the weekend, we raided my paper stash and my craft supplies to see what we could come up with. We settled on making paper popsicles. Their simple shape makes for a quick, easy project. And I just happen to have piles and piles of popsicle sticks around that I'm happy to put to good use.

Charlotte picked all the papers and taped the sticks on the back. Glitter paper is a huge hit with the 3-year-old crowd. She assigned me the task of cutting out the popsicle shapes. Later that evening, I caught her gluing wiggle-eyes to the popsicles, and then the Popsicle Family put on a little play for us. That Sister Popsicle is quite a sassy little thing, I tell you. If you're not into Popsicle drama, I think they would make cute decorations or invitations to an end of summer BBQ.

P.S. I created a little printable Popsicle Template, so you can just print, cut and get to work. Download the template for free here.

Happy Crafting!


Debbie Biase said...

What a little CUTIE! Gorgeous little girl! My grand daughter Tallulah is three & loves creating as well...We will be making these today! THANK YOU! FABULOUS project!

Sandra said...

I'm going to have the kids at an upcoming b-day party do these. After they're done, they can have a popsicle! Hope it doesn't snow again next w/e.