Thursday, August 22, 2013

Trick it Out With Macaroni

It's pretty clear what my week's been like when the highlight is a Bubble Guppies music video. The other main events of my week included a stomach virus and a trip to the DMV. Not a the same time, thank goodness. But Bubble Guppies win, hands down.

After our cookies were thoroughly tossed, we logged some serious couch time while the body aches subsided. I spent the entire night in the hallway; alternately helping, caring, cleaning and pacing between the un-sick children's rooms paranoid that I could hear them woofing, too. Every time one of the kids gets sick, I panic that I'm going to get it, too. Then my stomach starts to hurt (hypochondriac, much?) But I'm not a cookie-tosser by nature. I thought this was just another one of my psychological stomach aches...but no such luck. I joined the party, too. Being sick and being the mom is just downright cruel.

Anyway, after having a pretty big bummer of a week, this video made my day. Not to mention that my kids love the song Poker even they thought this was funny. I've caught myself numerous times today singing "p-p-p-pencil" case. Just listen to it. I dare you. ;)

Now I gotta go get some macaroni so I can make one glammed up pony.


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