Tuesday, February 21, 2012

One Month

It's been one of the fastest, most exhausting, wonderful, snuggly months of my life. I sure love the sweet little monsters who call me "mom." Not to paint a too-pretty picture here, I should probably mention that someone is usually crying at our house...and sometimes it's me. We've had a great month, though, and the big kids sure love Baby Nolan to bits.

Funny moment of the week: we went to a wedding reception last Friday. After a long tear- and tantrum-filled drive we made it to our destination, where we changed clothes in the parking lot. (Classy, eh?) Not even thinking, I'd grabbed one of my favorite dresses and ran out the door. As I zipped it up in the cold, dark parking lot, I learned that I need to lay off the girl scout cookies until I lose the rest of my baby weight. I had to wear a jacket over my half-zipped dress the entire evening. That's how I roll nowadays--scatterbrained and half-zipped.


And here's my little photo shoot crasher. She likes to be right in the middle of the action.



Cherry Blossoms said...

What a little honey you have. I love the 3rd photo of Nolan. So deep in thought there!

Emily Reese said...

Lovely pictures, my skirts and everything else I wear are not fully zipped yet. For me the second baby is definitely harder to bounce back from.
I am sure you will be zipping up sooner rather than latter, funny story.

christine said...

what cuties. x