Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Here are some photos of our recent fishing trip to accompany my narrative about what's been going on around here lately.

I'm so excited for my sister and her husband. Yesterday they welcomed their first baby to the world. I was on pins and needles all morning, wondering and waiting to hear how everything went. I'm so happy to know that everyone is safe and healthy. And I'm so excited that my new little niece has a full head of hair. I'm going hair clip shopping the first chance I get. Congratulations, Sis! I'm so proud of you, and so excited for you, T, and little Baby A.

Don't you just love Hudson's special "fish-locator goggles?" We found them in Daddy's tackle bag, and were sure they'd help us find all the fish to catch. They didn't. Although, maybe I should have pulled them out to help me endure the worst migraine of my life. I've been nearly incapacitated for the last three days as I've suffered through this one.

Excuse me for a moment as I climb up on my soap box: I can't stand it when people use the term migraine to mean "really bad headache." If you've ever experienced one, a migraine is a completely different phenomenon. Well-meaning friends always suggest some OTC remedy or another, meaning they have no idea what a real migraine feels like. Mine always starts as a dull pain behind my left eye. About this time, I begin seeing floating black spots. The pain gradually increases, radiates through the entire left side of my head and face, down the back of my neck and into my left shoulder and arm. Which results in really sore muscles and numbness in my arm. This time, I heard a soft pop in my left ear and normal sounds immediately became unbearable. I can't focus through my left eye, any light becomes blinding and I lose my appetite because of the nausea. This, my friends, is not just a "really bad headache." OK, that's my pet peeve for the week. Pardon my ranting.

I am so happy to feel good as new this morning, and to return to the world of fully-functioning adults. Today brings a play date with friends, some school shopping (kindergarden starts in two weeks...EEK!), and lots, and lots of printing projects. The only thing I'm lacking is the chance to hold my sweet new niece. I'll have to send lots of presents to make up for my absence. :)

Hope you've had a good week so far.



km said...

:):) All sorts of adventures!!! Our kids love fishing... but I like to stay away from the act if at all possible! Sorry about your migraines...

Ashley said...

You make me want to go fishin.

PhotoPuddle said...

Luckily I don't suffer from migraines myself but it's a real pet peeve of mine too. Migraines are sooo much worse than bad headaches.

PhotoPuddle said...

Luckily I don't suffer from migraines myself but it's a real pet peeve of mine too. Migraines are sooo much worse than bad headaches.

Jennie said...

I'm right with you on the pet peeve! Ry uses "migraine" to reference a headache he has from drinking too much or not enough caffeinated soda (grrr!). If the pain isn't so intense that you wish someone would knock you unconscious with a shovel to avoid experiencing it, then it doesn't fit the definition. Thank goodness it's been years since I've experienced one--so sorry you had it recently, and while pregnant!