Thursday, August 11, 2011

State Games

Hudson's interest in the States (as in the United States) began several months back when we started his coin collection. He's got this awesome board with a map, and a spot for each state's quarter. (Thanks, Mom and Dad). We look at the map every night before bed. And we've since discovered several other fun state-related games that are pretty cool, too.

The Scrambled States of America is a silly story about what happens when the States decide to change places. We especially love the jigsaw puzzle, too.

Stack the States. Quite possibly my favorite kids' app ever. It's really fun to play, and makes learning really fun. Some of the questions can be tricky for the pre-K crowd, so Hudson and I like to play together.

I love that he knows the name of each state and where they're located. It's the best thing ever when learning is disguised as a game. What are your favorite educational games and stories?



km said...

you've got ONE CRAZY SMART cookie!!! He knows the states and their locations ALREADY!? WOW! What are the teachers going to teach him when he actually goes to school? :)

Addi said...

My kids LOVE the states, too! Stack the states is the best! You should try this--put a map on your kitchen table and then a big piece of clear vinyl on top. Now every meal is a fun learning experience. We sit and talk and talk about where states are and where we want to travel. At our costco there are some fun world and US maps right now for about $10.

Your silhouettes are to die for. Charlotte's hair really is the best!