Thursday, August 4, 2011

Back-to-School Hobbies

Remember that wiggly tooth I mentioned a while back? Well, Sunday was the big day. The missing tooth combined with the fact that it's now August, reminds me that school is just around the corner. Kindergarden begins in three weeks. I thought I would be sad, but he's so excited I can't help but be happy for him. And with another baby on the way, a little structure to our schedule might be just what we need.

Starting school at 8:00 every morning is definitely going to throw a wrench into the lazy mornings I've become accustomed to. Although, as I think about the time he's at school, I'm determined to make it productive. Maybe I'll get all my design work done in the mornings. I've been planning on expanding my recipe card collection, and adding some new card sets. Maybe this is the perfect time. Or maybe I could run my errands without taking ALL the kids with me. And I have a huge list of jewelry I've been meaning to make. Or maybe I'll start exercising regularly.

Or maybe I'll pick up a new hobby. I loved trying pottery. Maybe it's time for something else. Needlepoint? Knitting? Learn a language? Work on my photography? Who knows? But I'm definitely going to make the most of it.

What are your plans for back-to-school? How are you going to take advantage of the time the kids are out of the house?

P.S. Have you seen Betterfly yet? Thier motto is, "Find people to help you look, learn and feel better." You can search locally for teachers and instructors in just about any area you'd like. Nutrition, crafts, fitness, music,'s pretty great. Or if you're really good at something, you can sign up to be a teacher for free. You set the terms and the price. Check it out.

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Jill GG (good life for less) said...

I am SO looking forward to fall! I will have three mornings all to myself, I can't even believe it! I plan on working lots (so I don't have to juggle so much when the kids are around) and also getting my creative juices back flowing with some solid personal time!

And congrats to H - I hope the tooth fairy treated him well! (and your husband must be excited too, huh!?!?) :)

christina said...

Jill--you're totally right. Daddy loved pulling H's tooth. And I'm glad the last 10 years of education are finally paying off. All of my kids will be able to have each and every tooth professionally extracted.

km said...

I just can't believe his little tooth is GONE! It is such a milestone... and school!!!! What a sweet BIG BOY NOW! Did you ever get that sweet tooth kit you posted about? HAPPY SUNNY DAYS! HURRY FALL is all I can say. :):):)