Monday, May 23, 2011

Rules to Live By

There are two things I must be wearing before I leave the house: 1. Sunglasses, 2. Mascara
Charlotte has embraced my first rule whole-heartedly. And she'd gladly follow rule #2 if I'd let her.
My question: What falls into the can't-leave-home-without-it category for you?

On another note:

The question I hear most often these days goes something like this, "I (knit, sew, make jewelry, etc.) and I'd really like to start an Etsy shop. But I'm nervous. Where do I start?"
OK, the question I'm actually asked most often involves Charlotte's crazy hair; but the Etsy question is second most common. So I'm working on a series for next week...everything you should know before starting an Etsy shop. If you have any burning questions on the topic, send 'em my way and I'll be sure to include them in my series.
Or if you're a seasoned Etsy seller and have any first-hand experience to share, drop me a line, please.


km said...

I love her smile!!! :):):) Things I don't leave the house without: diapter wipes. That's it. It will be a good day as long as I have butt wipes! pretty sad! :)

Rachel said...

I'm with you on mascara. Another is chapstick. And my cell phone.
I love that picture of Charlotte! She is so adorable. I wish she loved me!

coolkids said...

your little one is adorable. New follower!