Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Happy Little Treasures

Life has been complicated lately. I hate to complain, but I can't just act like my life is perfect, either. So I'll just tell you that while the last several months have been hard, the last couple weeks have been the rockiest yet. Hopefully I'll make it out of this bumpy stretch soon (and in one piece). Today I needed a quick pick-me-up, so I turned to my Etsy Favorites. Here's what's making me smile right now:

Bright colors and a pencil case? Just what I need today. I should lock up my Sharpies in this beauty so Miss Charlotte can't color on the walls or herself like she did this morning. Also check out all the gorgeous goodies at Pilli Pilli

Rude Little Black Book
I especially need one of these right now. Besides the snarky humor of it all, my "bad list" has never been so long. Maybe taking detailed notes would be just the right therapy. Get it at 27th Street Press.

I've got lists everywhere. Maybe if I wrote my lists on my bookmark I wouldn't loose them so easily. Not to mention that these are so cute it hurts a little bit. And they're printable, so I can take control of one part of my life right this second. Not only does she have fun paper goods, but definitely check out the hair accessories in Mayi Carles shop

I love, love, love all the personalized plates at Aedriel Originals. We recently had a disaster with Mr. H's favorite plate, and I'm in the search of a worthy replacement. This might be the answer I'm looking for.

My life feels like it's always a mess. There's laundry everywhere I look, nothing is as organized as I'd like it to be, and I'm always running late. Maybe if I had this gorgeous bag from Cha Cha, I could disguise my inner lunatic with a chic accessory.

Stella Doll
This little doll from Tiddlywinks is like a little cuddly piece of happiness. I think she'd be the perfect addition to my room, (er, I mean Charlotte's room). 

And totally unrelated, but do any of you watch Extreme Couponing?
I'm having so much fun comparing notes with my deal-hunting friends. 
I'm not nearly Extreme Couponing material, but I can totally see how they get so into it.


km said...

I am so terribly sorry you've had a difficult couple of weeks!!! I'm praying for you and sending you a million hugs from IN!!!! xoxoxoxox

Jennifer said...

I had something a couple of months ago that made me feel I would never feel okay again - with time things will change and get better. Just get through this rocky bump and there will be something wonderful soon.

Wahzat Gayle said...

I have been having a few months like that myself ((hugs))

Oh I am drooling at everything you have up and I agree I need a stella doll for my room too! LOL
Hope things are picking up.

kimberly said...

hang in there with your challenging times...

as for the couponing...that show makes me crazy! there is no reason to have ROOMS full of stockpiled come around often enough that you don't have to stockpile for a lifetime (hello 65 bottles of mustard!) just have to stockpile enough to get you through til the next coupon & sale. i think those extremers can teach us something about savings, but i don't want to live among 1000 rolls of toilet paper either ;)

i went to a workshop last year to learn super couponing strategies...the woman's website is: and she has some great ideas & lists 'deals of the week' to get you started :)

christina said...

Kimberly, I totally agree! I love watching it because it's like hoarders with coupons. :) I do love the idea of a good deal; but I'm not about to prop our beds up with thousands of rolls of toilet paper.

Thanks for the info...I'm off to check it out now.

Cherry Blossoms said...

Hope easier days come your way soon.
Love the children's plates. So adorable.