Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Little Moments

A Moment on 365 Project
I often catch myself rushing from task to task without taking time to enjoy the little significant moments in my life. When my children are grown and I reflect on my life, these are the moments I will cherish. Insignificant will be the laundry I did, the floors I scrubbed, and the dishes I washed. I will think fondly of the giggles, the hugs, the general mischief and the happiness these little people share with me every single day. I am one lucky lady.

untitled on 365 Project

P.S. On a related note, I ran across this quote on Lay Baby Lay a bit ago. Check it out, it's a good one.
(Good news, it's downloadable so you can print one of your own!)


jeanine said...

My mom had this hanging in our house when I was little... it was right above her sewing machine. She recently told me it was to remind her to not spend so much time on her sewing projects... and more time with her little girls!

Daphne said...

I completely agree. I live for those small unexpected moments with the kids. They fill me with so much joy and happiness that always reminds me life is so much more and so precious.

km said...

So beautiful! So true! I think that is what I love about blogging the most. It requires us to look at the little things in a new and grateful way. Have you read the GIFT of an ORDINARY DAY? I haven't read it yet! BUT with that title it has got to be good.