Wednesday, February 23, 2011

things that make me happy

I spent the entire night on the couch with a teething toddler. This morning, her big brother woke up with a fever. So there's my "official" excuse for not having a blog post ready first thing this morning.

Here are a few things making me happy right now:

 this picture makes me happy.

Tiny shoes always make me smile.

Wooden colored pencils. Pretty cute, eh?

 How can you not smile at marshmallows all cozied up in a blanket of caramel?
Let's call it what it is: I'm a grammar nerd. But I love this excellent demonstration

We're making some slime this afternoon.
Squishing slimy goop between your fingers is a prescription for instant smiles, didn't you know?

image credits: 1. London Evening Standard, 2. Baby Bloch, 3. beau coup, 4. Hammonds Candies, 5. We Heart It, 6. our best bites


k said...

Your happy, makes me happy. Did I say that correctly? I can't believe I made it through grad school with such horrendous (I'm sure that is spelled wrong!) grammer! I SUCK! I'm in awe of people who know how to SPELL and have perfect grammer. :):)

Erin W. said...

I am LOL-ing about the grandpa thing...that may have to be my facebook status :)