Friday, February 18, 2011

More Maps

If maps on the wall aren't your cup of tea, how 'bout these little goodies?

bespoke map heart
You can take your hometown with you wherever life may lead.

Atlas Pinwheels
 This would have been the perfect solution for my nude map conundrum.

Custom World Map Canvas
 I've always wanted a map where I could put a pin in everywhere I've gone. Wouldn't that be cool in a playroom/family room?

chloe fleury illustration
And you all know I'm crazy for any SF maps I can find. This one's no exception. Love it.

What are your plans for the long weekend? We'd toyed with the idea of going to the snow. But taking H up to the snow and telling him to keep his big red cast dry seemed downright mean. So instead, we'll be hanging out here and I'll be giving Charlotte remedial sleeping lessons. I think I've only spent about 8 hours in my own bed this entire week. (And she's my good sleeper!) To put it plainly, my children are not champion sleepers. In fact, they're both pretty lousy. All I ask is four hours of sleep all to myself. Pretty high maintenance, eh?

Have a great weekend! xo


Heather Mead Kim said...

I love these fun ideas for map decor!!
Hope you get some good rest this weekend - with a little one of my own, I completely understand!!!

km said...

I like them all. The color SF map is sweet sweet!