Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Decorating with Maps

I've always loved the idea of decorating with maps. The one time I tried was a miserable failure, however. I wanted to frame a vintage map for my son's bathroom. I found one on ebay and scored a super bargain. You can imagine my horror when the map arrived with little nude people all along the border. The little nudes would have been humorously appropriate for a bathroom; but I felt a little weird about putting them in my kid's bathroom. Call me awkward, but I don't want to have that birds and bees talk before it's absolutely necessary. Needless to say, that nudity-riddled map never found a place in my home.

I've been seeing great map-related decor everywhere I turn lately. And all these maps are nudity-free. Imagine that! This first one is my absolute favorite:

via Femina
I love, love, love the casual room dressed up with a chandelier.

Elle Decor; BHG
I love the muted tones of the first room
And creating a little vignette with the color from the map is a great way to pull it all together.

Top: via an angel at my table; photo by Mari Eriksson
Bottom: Elle Decor
 From kids' rooms to work spaces, maps are the perfect focal point.

via Nate BerkusBHG 2007
Get creative with maps: stick 'em to a dresser or a door.

top: Elle Decor
 bottom: via Apartment Therapy
I really don't need one more thing to collect, but these globe collections are screaming my name. I especially love the bottom one from Sharilyn Wright of Lovely Design. You can see her studio tour on Apartment Therapy.

That's it for today. Now we're on our way to get Mr. H a "real" cast for that little arm. Have a great day!

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km said...

Maps and globes... ahhhhhh LOVE them!