Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Spring Trenches

Here's a story: when I graduated from college I bought myself a graduation present. What was it, you ask? Why a cotton candy pink trench, of course. Not joking. While I still wear (and love) that trench, I've since realized it wasn't the most practical color to choose. It's definitely not a piece I can wear everyday. So I dream of giving that pink trench a more neutral companion to hang out with. Here's a little look I threw together straight out of my trench-filled daydreams:

Mossimo, House Of Harlow, O.p.i, 7 For All Mankind


If ruffles aren't your thing, here are a few other more neutral styles: 

Have a great day...now I'm off to re-claim my kitchen after my Valentine's Day cooking frenzy.
In summary:
strawberry shortcake = heaven.
chicken cordon bleu = memorable disaster


Daphne said...

Very pretty trench. I was going to wear my trench last night and for the life of me couldn't find it and now really worried as to where it is.
Love the booties too by the way.

Jackie said...

I LOVE that anthro frilly trench! So pretty! You styled it up great too. So funny that you bought yourself a pink one-sounds like something I would do. I tend to go for the trendy stuff instead of investing in classics. Trying to be more aware of that now.