Monday, June 14, 2010


Eight years: two kids, three cities, two Bachelor's degrees, three years of Dental School, two years of Residency (and two more to go). When I married B eight years ago today, I had no idea where life would take us. I'm not really the sappy type, so I won't be filling the pages of my blog with oozy, love prose. But I will say that I love him infinitely more with each passing year.

We've both changed a lot since that day eight years ago; and I think the mutual love, respect, support and acceptance we allow each other is the key. While I'm letting down my sappy barrier for a moment, let me take a sec to say some nice things about B.
  • He is supportive of everything I want to accomplish. And he never complains about all the craft paraphernalia I have strewn about the house. That's a good man, right there.
  • He compliments me every day, and I can tell he means it.
  • He lets me decorate the house however I want. That's big.
  • He makes me laugh. Hysterically.
  • He's my very best friend. I trust him with my secrets, my hopes and my dreams.
Happy Anniversary, Dude. I love ya.

{P.S. B and I don't pose for many pictures together. It's nothing personal...we're just not one of those picture-taking kinda couples. But I thought you'd enjoy the photo booth strips, circa 2008.}


Cherry Blossoms said...

Happy Anniversary!

Rachel said...

is that your hand in the top right pic? it seems too small. like doll hands. It does match Hudson's so maybe it's his....

Emily said...

Happy Eight! Only two more years of residency? I am a tad jealous. Em

christina said...

Rach, you're right about the hand. As we were waiting for the camera to go off, Hudson noticed I didn't have a hand in my mouth, so he reached up and shared his with me. Gross, huh? But thoughtful in a weird way.

Em, I know. It's strange to be at the halfway point. Soon we're going to have to start making real-life decisions about where we want to live when we grow up. I'm avoiding it for as long as possible.

Wahzat Gayle said...

Happy Anniversary... I passed by yesterday, but my computer refused to let me comment :(

May you have many happy more :)My advice to you keep on laughing together and the years will fly by :)

katherinemarie said...

CHEERS for 8 years!!!!!!! I love your photo booth photos... I'd like to own a photo booth and put it in my basement... How fun would that be?! :)