Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Enchanted Forest, Part II

If you come to my front door, you'll see some pretty typical sights: struggling pansies in a flower pot, cute door mat, a front porch that needs to be swept, etc. As you reach over to ring the bell, chances are you'll be startled by a house finch flying out of my porch light.

I took this picture when there were only two eggs. Now there are four. Hudson loves to check on his "baby eggs" every morning. If you look close at the nest, you'll notice some dryer lint and a few strands of my hair. I'm glad to know that someone appreciates our lint, and my continuing post-partum hair loss (ugh).

And I also want to give a HUGE, public thank you to the best babysitter ever. Uncle Ryan, you have no idea how much my kids love you. Hudson got all teary-eyed this morning at breakfast. As I consoled him and tried to determine the problem, all he could choke out was, "I miss RyGuy." Thank you for your patience, your kindness, and your willingness to take on my little beasts. And Charlotte won't go to sleep for just anyone. So consider yourself special.

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Wahzat Gayle said...

This is so awesome you can't even believe how I am enjoying this.

I may be wrong, but I always feel that if an animal feels comfortable to bear young in your presence that your space must be prosperous, calming and loving.

Those eggs are beautiful.

LOL I have lost so much hair since my girls were born that I have some bald spots.... but shhh don't tell anyone