Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wii Invitation

OK, it's pretty bad that it's taken me 4+ months to share Hudson's party invite with you. I've been meaning to photograph it for ages, but it keeps getting buried on my desk. So here it is.
The invite was made out of a DVD case (to look like a Wii Game). And the inside of the case housed the party details.

Pretty obvious that Hudson is Mario Obsessed these days. We called the party "Hudson Party 4" like Mario Party (the game). Anyway, the party included all sorts of Mario-inspired games (a coin hunt in the backyard, a Bowser pinata, pin the mustache on Mario, and plenty of Wii, of course).

And a BIG thanks to my lifelong best friend, Em, for assisting me with her mad Photoshop skills. (Really, don't you love the kind of friend you can go months without talking to, but call them in a Photoshop emergency, and it's not a big deal?)

So that's that. Bear with me as I slog through my list of "projects to post on my blog." It's a pretty long list these days. :)


Wahzat Gayle said...

too cute!

katherinemarie said...

coolest INVITE EVER!!!!!!! Love it! Your are the QUEEN of creative "paper" and fun. :):)

Emily said...

So glad to see the finished product. I love what you did with it. Em

Ann said...

Wow. So cool. You are so talented.

Katie said...

super cute!