Monday, May 24, 2010

All About Pop

I've been hopping from project to project for the last several weeks. Almost to the point I thought I'd lose my mind. But I made it. After the frantic pace, it was time for a much needed trip home. We're just returning from a blissful week in Utah. Seriously...I still haven't unpacked yet. I filled my days with naps, great food, wonderful people, plenty of brainstorming for my upcoming projects, and I even squeezed in a few creative moments.

My main creative project in Utah was an installation of a Father's Day display window I've been dreaming up. Pardon the bad pictures...those windows are so sparkling clean, they're bound to throw a few reflections. :)

Anyway, the concept I devised for Father's Day is "All about Pop." The display is complete with signs I designed, old-fashioned soda pop, and vintage soda crates I won on e-bay. Such a fun project to work on. Thanks for trusting me with the store window!


jeanine said...

super cute!

Cherry Blossoms said...

Adorable idea! Love it!

Ann said...

Wow. You are so talented. Well done.

katherinemarie said...

You did this???? WOWZA! WOWZA! soooo fantastic. NO JOKE...this tells you how much we think alike... I was planning on something from vintage Dad's rootbeer for Pop's Day. Your idea is WAY more WILD and CRAZY and wonderful than I could ever dream up. I wish I could see this in real life. :):):)