Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Greatest Hits: Sneaking Around with Garbage in the Trunk

{Originally Posted 10.28.2009. For more about Greatest Hits, read here.}

Instead of having a baby today, I was driving around with garbage in my trunk. While there's certainly an abundance of junk in my proverbial "trunk" these days; that's not what I'm referring to. I'm talking about garbage. Trash, refuse, litter, rubbish. Call it what you will...that's what was cruising around in my trunk. We missed the garbage man this week, so our cans are all ready full. During preschool, I stealthily drove around looking for an unsuspecting receptacle for our household waste. I'm not sure how inconspicuous I am 40+ (more on that below) weeks pregnant, with my ridiculous waddle and ill-fitting clothes. However, I doubt anyone will mess with me regarding garbage, considering the permanent snarl on my face these days.

Judging from the gazillion phone calls and texts I get every day, I assume you all want to know what's happening with me. Please don't be offended that I'm not answering the phone. As you can imagine, I'm not in much of a talking mood. I'm tired of being pitied, and of all the unsolicited advice ("get out there and start running," "have you tried spicy food?" etc., etc.) Plus, I don't really want to re-hash the situation verbally multiple times per day. So I'm turning to our trusty blog to keep you all updated.

My "official" due date was Sunday, October 25. That's come and gone; and as you can imagine, I get a little more tired and uncomfortable with each passing day. Since H was born 9 days early, I just assumed this one would come early as well. Shows how much I know. My friend/B's cousin, Ann, put it better than I could. She said that going over your due date is like running a marathon, crossing the finish line and then being told you have to keep running. That's exactly how I feel. I was completely prepared for the marathon, but I never saw the last few laps coming. And considering all the hoops I had to jump through, and how long I've waited for this baby, I just wasn't mentally prepared for an overdue pregnancy. (And for all you running-lovers out there, this is the ONLY "marathon" I will ever participate in...so don't even ask. That means you, Hilary).

All the way until the 37th week of this pregnancy, my doctor was concerned because I was measuring small...needless to say, she was not overly-eager to induce me. She's waiting for at least one week (nine days, to be exact) beyond my due date just to give the little darling plenty of time to chubbify. After a less-than-encouraging checkup today, I'm pretty certain that induction is inevitable. That means we're scheduled to have our baby next Tuesday, unless she decides to grace us with her presence before then. I promise we'll keep you posted once there's anything noteworthy to report. So in other words: leave me alone.

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