Monday, April 19, 2010

Greatest Hits: B Blew It.

{Originally posted 05.04.2008. For more on Greatest Hits, read here}.

NOTE: This entry was written, produced, and directed by B.

We went to the A's game Saturday night with my dad. It was a great game even though they lost. The only down side was that 1) they lost, and 2)the Honda broke down in the Coliseum parking lot, and 3) we were surrounded by loud, obnoxious drunk people (something passionate baseballs fans learn to live with), and finally 4) I left the front door of our apartment open for 5 hours while we were at the game.

Christina was really happy when my car didn't start and she was even more thrilled that, when we returned home 5 hours later, we found out that the front door to our apartment was open (left open by yours truly). Luckily, no one noticed. It's times like these I'm glad we live in the Presidio and not the Tenderloin.

Maybe that's how the rats are getting in . . .

UPDATE: Turns out, if you leave your apartment door open for five hours at night, any damn rats you have residing with you will leave on their own. B is a genius, after all.


Ryan Williams said...

Haha. I love these greatest hits. Bryce deserves a book written about him and you deserve a medal or something for having survived them all.

katherinemarie said...

I'm with ABOVE--- I'm just lovin in your GREATEST HITS collection!!! I know where to come whenever I need a smile.