Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Greatest Hits: Packing

{Originally posted 06.12.2008. For more about Greatest Hits, read here}.

B decided it was time to step in and help me do some packing.
I'm not crazy about his packing methods. Don't get me wrong...I'm very thankful for his help. I just don't appreciate the lack of organization that a garbage bag provides.
Looking on the bright side, at least he labeled it.


ms. less is always more said...

That is so hilarious! I did this last time I moved... granted I was 8 months pregnant and had just moved 9 months prior - so I was feeling a little lazy. But it works quite well. Especially for bedding - although I was a bit nervous that they would actually be mistaken for real garbage!

Ashley said...

I am loving the greatest hits. Your writing is hilarious. Keep them coming.

Wahzat Gayle said...


katherinemarie said...

What a HOOT!!!!!!!!