Monday, September 28, 2009

Positive Thoughts

Maybe instead of dreading Mondays, I need to look at it as a new start; the proverbial "blank slate." Not only that, but I think every week should begin with some positive thinking. Here's a good list to live by...or at least to focus on this week. This week, I'm going to try to complain less, be more positive; and to help others more willingly. Do you have any self-improvement goals for the week?

image here.


Iva said...

ohh I love this, Chris!

Happy Monday to you!! Have a great one, hope you are feeling well!!

DesBisoux said...

i think it's an great idea to start monday on positive notes! that's what i'm trying to do as well!
have a preat week!xxx

off switch said...

so, so many! i don't even know where to begin... mainly to know that my thoughts about a situation have direct impact on how that situation turns out... if i believe i can do it, i can do it - and if i screw up, just laugh like nobody's business! sending positive energy to you and wishing you a wonderful monday {and week}! ;)

PS~Erin said...

What a list! I'm still trying to come out of a funk over here, so this positive thinking is great inspiration. Thank you!

Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle said...

Hope your Monday was good--love this quote as a way to start off the week!


Cathi said...

that is wonderful! My self improvement goal is to get out there and get walking on a daily basis to keep my heart in good shape and it's also a good way to clear your mind!