Thursday, August 20, 2009

Design Crush: Windsor Smith

Last night, I had a rare moment to myself (Thank you, Daddy, for taking H to the A's game). I almost didn't know what to do, so I showed myself some love in the form of McDonald's fries and a little uninterrupted web-surfing. (P.S. normally, fast food = gross), but when the doctor says to gain some weight, I'm more than happy to oblige. Anyway, I stopped by House Beautiful to see what's new and I found this great interview with designer Windsor Smith. When my heart started beating faster, I thought it must be the cholesterol coursing through my veins. But with each photo it became more apparent: It's not a clogged artery at all...I've got a new design crush.

The interview features a slide show of Windsor Smith's home.
Can you say perfection?

The grand entrance.
Love the crisp white, black and grey with a dash of green here and there.

She converted the formal living room into a fun room for her teenage sons.
How cool is that!?!
And that's a guy-friendly room that the entire family would feel comfortable in.

She talks about how she didn't want a formal dining room that they'd use only once a year. So she put a dining room in the kitchen. She also talks about how the conversation at this dining table is much more different than you'd have in a formal dining room. I love how she thinks!

And I love those deep blue walls.

Truthfully, there wasn't a photo in the bunch that I didn't absolutely love. She's got great taste and such a way of balancing comfort, practicality and impeccable design. I'll be back this afternoon with some favorites from her portfolio...because I just can't get enough.

All photos via House Beautiful.

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Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle said...

It's all great--love the black, white and gray. It gives me a new direction for my own home. I'm getting awful tired of gray white and yellow...

p.s. Wish there were room for a table like that in my kitchen.