Monday, March 30, 2009

Life Lessons

Today, I'm feeling both reflective and brokenhearted. {I feel like I need to clarify for some of you--nothing terrible has happened. I just had a recent run-in with someone who does not like me and it's caused me to think}. Anyway, I'm sitting here today licking my wounds and reflecting on some of the most basic lessons that my parents and my life experience (thus far) have taught me.

  1. Tell the truth. You may get in trouble, but at least you'll have a clear conscience. This is the first memorable life lesson I ever learned, and my parents were absolutely right.
  2. Be careful who you trust. Sad, but true. I'm a little bit naive, and this is one I've had to learn over and over again.
  3. When all is said and done, all you've got left is your family. One of my grandma's famous idioms. She knew what she was talking about.
  4. Miserable people want others to join them in their misery. If they get you down, you'll start making others miserable. I refuse to join in.
  5. There's nothing better than the complete, adoring love of a child. I'm going to soak it all up now, because I'm terrified for the day that he finds out I'm not as wonderful as he thought.
  6. Nobody's perfect. A little bit trite, but oh, so true. I never have been, I never will be, and I will definitely not pretend to be perfect. So if you're in search of perfection, I urge you to run quickly in the opposite direction from here.
  7. Know when to keep your mouth shut. Another lesson I will probably never learn.

These are some of the most basic things I've learned in this life of mine. There are plenty more nuggets of wisdom where that came from, but I'll spare you for a bit. :) This blog is kind of my respite. A pretty place, all for myself (and for you, too!) But I think every now and then, a good dose of reality is healthy. So thanks for hanging in there with me. Now I have to ask, what do you do when someone hurts you?


anonymously chic said...

very good advice to live by. telling the truth is so difficult and uncomfortable sometimes and keeping my mouth shut can be just as difficult. as for the love of a child, i don't know that one (yet) but the love of my dogs is pretty awesome. what do i do when someone hurts me? hmmm, honestly? i work on forgiving as quickly as i can, b/c i know the anger will only eat away at me. i try to forgive if it takes every day for a year to let it go. and i always set new boundaries w/that person. forgiveness doesn't mean having to be being hurt again.

Jackie said...

Sorry to hear you are having a tough time with someone. I've only had a few times when something like this happens to me and honestly I usually just cut that person right out of my life. Sounds harsh, but I feel life it to short to waste time with toxic people. The people who really matter would never do you wrong. All your bits of advice are great too. I def stand by the blood is thicker than water rule as well.

Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle said...

Oh Christina, I'm so sorry. It just isn't fun to get your feelings hurt. I usually am mad for awhile but find it goes away when I can soften enough to forgive myself for making the mistake of being friends that person and go through all the reasons that I liked them and just tell myself that it's understandable and now I'm moving on to better friends, etc. Hope that helps and of course, having your family puts it all in perspective in the end.


Ann said...

I've found that when someone is mean, there's almost always something else behind it that has nothing to do with you. You're lovely and you don't deserve to be hurt, but hurt can bring invaluable empathy. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Someone doesn't like you? Jeez---obviously they don't know a good thing when they see it!

I feel you on the trust thing. I'm the same way: trusting and open and therefore prone to getting burned by others. I think it's because I feel really generous and giving of my time, my spirit, and I always have everyone's best interests at heart, so I mistakenly assume that other people do too. Sadly this is generally not the case.

When I get hurt? Like you said, surround yourself with those whose love you know is pure, unconditional and genuine. For me it's my huz, his family and my family. And lately, my blog friends too!

Emily said...

I think you are amazing. I love a good reality post once in a while. I also have to keep telling my self to keep my mouth shut. In fact I tell my self seconds before it opens and it still says something I wish it hadn't. All my best, Em