Friday, March 27, 2009

Ashley Stuart Goodwin

Well, my day has been nothing like I planned, as are most of my days. So I apologize for the super late post...but it's worth the wait. Last night, I was playing around on Etsy's Pounce looking at undiscovered shops, and I came across the newly-opened shop for photographer Ashley Stuart Goodwin.

Her Etsy shop led me to her website, her imagekind shop, her blog, then her flickr page. Ashley is one talented girl! There's not a single photo of hers I don't love. So if you're looking for something to do this weekend, I'm listing all of her information at the bottom...definitely worth a visit! Now I just have to decide which of her photos to buy first. That's going to be a tough one.

Find more Ashley Stuart Goodwin here:

{all photos Ashley Stuart Goodwin, via Imagekind}

I hope your weekend is as beautiful as these photos!


Jackie said...

Great find! I love her ferris wheel pic. Have a wonderful weekend!

Blair said...

h, they are so simple and beautiful. The lights of the ferris wheel were captures so beautifully.

Sorry your day was crazy! Also, I just tagged you to (if you would like) post a picture that best describes your style.

Happy Saturday. xx

Emily said...

Such great pictures! Hope you are doing well my friend. Love, Em

Kotori said...

Her photos are amazing - thanks so much for sharing such a great artist find!

Ashley Stuart Goodwin said...

AHHHH! How SWEET of you to feature my work! So glad I stumbled (litterally) upon this! Thanks for the shameless plugs too, I couldn't have done it better myself! :)

All of the kind words really made my day, thanks so much!!