Tuesday, March 31, 2009

For the Bedroom

I love the big, bold graphic on this bed set. A large flower, however, may just be a bit too girly for our bedroom; but I do love the combination of lime + white. So clean and simple.

I'll be back this afternoon with another post. H and I are leaving soon to visit a bunny farm. Do they keep bunnies on a farm? Whatever it's called, we're going to a special place with bunnies today. Just the perfect thing to do right before Easter.


anonymously chic said...

i adore everything about this bedding. and i agree w/you that lime and white is very crisp and fresh. as for bunnies, i had one (as my only pet growing up) that was more like a cat and lived for 8 years! my family was devastated when he died:(

Blair said...

Oh, wow! Love that beautiful big floral graphic. It is the perfect lime color too--not too neon.

Have fun at the bunny farm- I had three growing up! One even came to college with me:)

Moose said...

I love bunnies, so a bunny farm will be a unique experience & adventure for all! Hope you take photos. Very striking pattern for just the right bedroom.
Tail Wags to All.