Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tried + True: Featuring Emily

For my first Tried + True guest blogger, I turned to my most tried + true friend: the fabulous Emily. Emily is the wife of a busy med student, and the mother of one darling little boy. Emily and I have been friends since before we could walk; now we're closing in on three decades of friendship.

In grade school, Emily stood up for me by punching an icky boy who kissed me at recess and made me cry. In Middle School, we (read: I) crashed her motorcycle when some kid threw a water balloon at us. Then there was the summer that the crickets invaded our neighborhood--Emily and I rallied all the kids on a crusade to run over the crickets with our bikes to protect the neighborhood. Oh, the good ol' days.

Throughout the years, our circumstances have changed--now we talk about changing diapers, life outside of our small town, and surviving residency. Two things remain the same: one, Emily is one of the most stylish, impeccable, and charismatic people I know. And two, no matter how long we go without seeing one another our friendship remains unchanged. It is such an honor to call her my friend.
With that trip down memory lane, I give you Emily:

Buying beauty products is always a good time in my book. These are a few that I hate to go without, and they definitely have my loyalty:

Kiehl's Super Thick Volumizer: I don't know if growing up in a small town has anything to do with the fact that I like big hair, but I do.

Mac lip conditioner: My mother put this in my Christmas stocking and I have had it on my lips ever since. It feels good and has just the right amount of shine.

Pink Sugar Spritzer: It does smell sweet, but I keep this in my handbag and I can't help but smell my wrists throughout the day.

Philosophy Purity Made Simple: I enjoy a nice frothy foamy face wash that doesn't leave my face feeling to tight, pulled or parched and that's exactly what this face wash is all about.

Origins "Quick, Hide!": This is by far the most important weapon in my cosmetic bag. It blends in very easily and heaven knows I need a good blemish stick; well worth $14.50.

{all photos from Nordstrom and Origins}

{Emily left, with her sister Jen}

Thanks, Em, for sharing your secrets with us. Now if only I could make it all look as effortless as you do. I'm also pleased to announce that Emily and her sister Jen have started selling their delightful graphic designs. You can find them here.

Have a beautiful Tuesday!


Kotori said...

I'm loving these tried+true posts! These are all great finds especially the lip conditioner. I'm going to have to try that one!

Blair said...

I definitley would trust anyone who beat a boy up for me at recess:) If only it was that easy now when boys are mean! That lip conditioner sounds lovely and I have been looking for a new cheaper cover-up to replace the Chanel version I have been addicted to--that origins one sounds great.

Miss Aimee said...

loving all these product secrets in blog land today :)

Emily said...

Thanks for having me Chris, I had forgotten about the motorcycle accident... dumb boy's.
love, Em

{jen} said...

I can back Emily up on these great products. She is a girl who know her stuff when it comes to looking and feeling great! (cute blog Chris!) -Love, Jen aka: Emily's sister