Monday, February 2, 2009

Looking Good

Spring is looking good. I'm loving all the new stuff that is coming out these days. Here are just a few things that caught my eye on an impromptu trip to the mall this weekend.

I love this ruffle-collared trench. It would be perfect for those chilly spring evenings.

There are several different versions of this knotted necklace that I think are great. I got my mom one for her birthday...Shhhh, don't tell! She hasn't opened it yet.

I'm officially adding these to my wishlist. They would fit in perfectly with the other citrus colored shoes I like.

Have a Happy Monday!


Kotori said...

Love that ruffled trench! I could definitely go for that if I wasn't spending so much on house projects right now!!

Design Lovely said...

You find the best flats! Love these ones too!

Blair said...

Oh, that ruffle trench is so cool--what a great idea. And those skimmer flats. am actually wearing these gucci cutout flats today and it is snowing--I am not the most practical when it comes to footwear! They are rubber though:)