Friday, February 27, 2009

Old & New

My trip home can best be described by these photos of things both old and new.

My dad never fails to amaze me. He knows everything. Really, he does. And every time I turn around, I'm delighted by the things I learn about him. He's got a great eye for antiques, and picks up new pieces to add to his collection in the most surprising places. This trip was the first time I've noticed the milk jug or the ammo crates.

The antique treadle sewing machine is the one my grandma used. It was in the kitchen of their farmhouse in Idaho. We used to play with it constantly when we'd go visit. The spool chest on top is just a great piece my folks found to accompany the sewing machine. The dishtowels are some my grandma (who just turned 90, by the way) hand-embroidered for me. When I was first married (and stupid as they come) I actually used them and ruined one of them. So I punished myself by sending them away to the protective custody of my mother. Now that I can truly appreciate these little lovelies, I've decided I'm responsible enough to bring them back home with me. {Note to Bryce: That means these towels are not EVER to be used for wiping up grape juice, or anything else for that matter. Love you, honey.}

These two little pieces are things my great-grandparents brought back from Germany. They lived there for three years, right after WWII. It's such a cool experience to touch something that they once held. I love the cut-out porcelain on the top one and the bottom is the cutest little sugar cube tray that was used for tea time.

My grandpa rocks. He can make or fix just about anything. On this trip home, Grandpa told us about his new hobby: wood turning. He's been turning big pieces of Aspen into bowls...some intricate, and some simple, like this one. I'd say that's pretty good for being almost 90.

And now, the jewelry. These are the two pieces of Grandma's jewelry that have come into my possession. The top is this long strand of pearls, with a pearl tassel on the bottom. I remember her wearing this one often. And the other is this obsidian brooch. Grandma was quite the purveyor of brooches and cocktail rings. I fully intend to be just as fancy one day.

My mom and I spent a bunch of time during the week learning how to make jewelry. It was so much fun to learn...but even more fun to have some great one-on-one time to laugh and play with my mom. Now we've got a hobby to share; and I think that's pretty cool.


Blair said...

What beautiful pictures Christina! That sewing machine is just beautiful. Have a very lovely weekend! xx

Anonymous said...

What an amazing narrative with gorgeous images---that pearl tassel is stunning! I know what you mean about how nice it is to hang out with your mom sometimes---almost like you can let your guard down a little because there's someone else looking out for you for just a little while, instead of having to be the one who does the looking out! SO happy you had a great visit!

Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle said...

I can't believe I have those same (well similar) dish towels handed down from my grandmother. I saved them (and they yellowed even though I never used them) but could never resist using the embroidered pillow cases. A couple wore out but a couple are on my bed still and I think they're meant to be used and loved so don't be too hard on yourself about the dish towel :)

xo Mary Jo

christina said...

Mary Jo, that's awesome that you have similar dish towels. And you're right...these things are actually meant to be used. My grandma insists that we use all the things she makes. She's more practical about all this sort of stuff. She makes it because it's meant to be used. I have these dish towels, and an incredible quilt she hand-quilted that I can't bring myself to use, though.

Lacey Bolton said...

lol! I have similar dish towels from my mom's side of the family as well. They must have been a really popular craft back in the day!

Did our grandpa makes those bowls? He is amazing! I love that he can still do so many things!

I need to send you a pic of a cocktail ring my grandma gave me. It has teal gems and is super cute. I wear it often.

Take care!

Memmott Family said...

I love your pictures.. I have some towels similar to that, and I have to say my husband used one for red fruit punch!