Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas in Germany

I always enjoy spending time with family during the holidays. My little brother-in-law currently lives in Germany, so we won't get to see him this Christmas. Here are some of my favorite pictures of Christas in Germany, so I can experience a German Christmas vicariously:

Wouldn't you love to go ice skating here?
{photo from Philipp Klinger}

From one of the stalls at the Frankfurt Christmas Market. These stars are amazing.
{photo from jennicatpink}

Inside a little shop. I love all the ornaments.
{photo from alexleo13}

Ryan sent us one of these traditional Christmas Smokers last year. It makes me giggle just thinking about it.
{photo from james496}

That was fun. Perhaps I'll explore Christmas in another country again another day.
In other news...Grandma's coming over to play with Hudson today while I do Christmas shopping. It looks like Christmas may actually happen after all. Three Cheers for Grandma!


Miss Aimee said...

Oh! I had one of my most memorable xmas holidays in Germany! Yrs ago! so pretty!!!

Blair said...

Those little smokers are quite cute! Hope you had a relaxing weekend.

Shanana said...

My stepmom goes to Germany with her twin sister every year between Thanksgiving and Christmas... JUST TO GO CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!!! She is one lucky duck, but thankfully she shares the wealth. Needless to say, I have amassed a number of smokers and linens and crystal gifts over the years.