Friday, December 12, 2008

Hooray for the Weekend

This is what our weekend is supposed to look like:

So I'll be hanging out tonight with a nice hot cup of:

Actually, I'm thrilled the weekend is here. I'm feeling a tiny bit burned out. {I've produced 500+ pieces per week for the last three weeks!} That's a lot of paper, my friends. Please note that I'm not actually complaining...I feel so blessed everyday because I get to spend my days taking care of the people I love, and my nights enjoying a hobby that I love.

Oh, and then there's that horrible nightmare I had last night--I dreamt that we woke up on Christmas morning, only to find out that Santa had indeed forgotten us. Things at the Williams household have been um...crazy, to say the least...which contributed to the oversight of our own Christmas in my dream.

So next week, I'll be taking a little time off from my hobby-turned-night job to spend with the two people I love most. And then I'll see what I can do to convince Santa to come visit us. {wink, wink}

Have a good weekend!

{photos from here and here}


Anonymous said...

The photos are stunning!! I just saw your etsy shop It's adorable!

Blair said...

Hurray for the weekend indeed! I think we are finally supposed to get snow--sorry to hear about the rain.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for a little reprieve this weekend-I need it as well! Your weekend sounds a lot like mine (rain + hot chocolate). Enjoy it!

Miss Aimee said...

I just added you to my daily blog reads! Your blog is just great. have a great wknd!

Anonymous said...

That sounds overwhelming indeed---but you should be so proud and thrilled to have pumped out so much beautiful work. I know I'm happy for you :)

I had a nightmare last night too, only it was that I was having a second wedding and everything was falling to pieces. It's amazing how the stress of the holiday season comes out in such funny ways, isn't it?

Hope you're enjoying some well deserved rest!