Thursday, October 2, 2008

October Flowers

I know it's somewhat counter intuitive to plant new flowers in October, but our weather is pretty nice year round, and my last attempt was pretty bad, so we're starting fresh. Here's what Hudson and I did on the patio the other day:

Actually, two of the flowers survived from the last go-round, and we also gave our little herb garden a boost by planting a new rosemary plant. For some strange reason, my little herb seeds and sprouts keep getting dug up or plucked by my trusty garden assistant.

I'm sure most people who plant flowers, do so with some sort of direction...certain color theme, or same plant varieties. As you can see, I don't have much of a "theme" going with my flowers. I just picked flowers I thought were cute, somewhat durable, and the most healthy looking. It seems like all the women in my family are very talented at their gardening skills. Except for me. Every plant I ever touch dies. Quickly. At least they don't have to suffer too long. Maybe that's why I don't really mind planting flowers in October...I know there's not much hope anyway. So I guess if I had to give my garden a "theme" it would be Stayin' Alive. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this time around I'll be able to keep them alive.

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