Wednesday, October 1, 2008


During a recent trip to Carmel, these beautiful perfume bottles caught my eye in a shop window. So I went inside to get a closer look. The store is called Ajne; a fragrance store that specializes in plant-based, natural fragrances.


To be honest, I'm not much for natural fragrances...they smell too medicinal for me, but these bottles are simply amazing. The shopkeeper told me they work exclusively with two groups of artisans in the Czech Republic. One group blows the glass, and the other group does the filagree work. That means no two bottles are alike. She said that the bottles can be purchased empty, or you can fill them with one of the natural fragrances at the store. Also, it looks like they're just in the process of adding all the bottles to their online shop, and the full-size versions will be available soon.

Terza Bottle

The bottles remind me of the collection my sweet grandmother had on top of her vanity. I would love to have a collection of such beautifully made, handcrafted perfume bottles someday.

Visit the shop online, or stop by in person next time you're in Carmel.


Mrs.French said...

wow...these really are stunning.

Emily said...

My Grandma Bennett had beautiful bottles like these, I would love to play with them and spray way to much on my little skin.