Thursday, October 2, 2008

Branching Out

I've been a long-time fan of Odwalla's original Orange Juice. The other night on my evening grocery store getaway, I was starting to feel that familiar scratchy throat feeling of an oncoming cold. So I stopped by the Odwalla cooler at Safeway. I decided to be adventurous and picked up a Strawberry C Monster instead of my default OJ. It was really good. I'm definitely going to branch out and try the entire repertoire of Odwalla Juices now...except for the carrot juice. Some things should definitely not be made into juice.


Shanana said...

Even worse... There is one Odwalla juice that is GREEN! It's full of seaweed or something else which is definately not meant to be juice. Uuugh!

Ty said...

Odwalla. That's good stuff. However, watch out for the one called "Super Food"--it's the green one your friend mentioned above. It's a bit scary and tastes funny. As for the rest of them, drink on.

Anonymous said...

Well I like the carrot juice.