Monday, December 30, 2013

Pearl Wreath Show and Tell

I've been scheming this project for several years now. But this year, with the help of my trusty sister/sidekick, we made it happen. Hooray! 

Do me a favor and ignore that scrawny red bow. I needed something so I could snap a quick photo before I sent these babies (I made two of them) onto their final destination, and the red was the best I could do. But the finished product actually has a beautiful wide, white bow at the top, so just use your imagination.  

If you'd like to make a pearl wreath of your own, just wrap a foam wreath form with grosgrain ribbon, and start gluing pearls onto it. Keep going till it's done. That's about it. 

Here are a couple helpful tidbits for you:
  • Do NOT use one of those sissy, craft store glue guns. You'll have pearls bouncing all over your kitchen if you don't get yourself a serious tough-girl glue gun. It was well worth the twelve bucks I paid at the hardware store for a dual temperature, hot melt glue gun. 
  • These wreaths are 18"--the biggest I could find. It took about 5 hours for one wreath. This is not a quick, simple DIY. It's a real labor of love. But still fun if you're looking for a longish project.
  • I used an assortment of glass pearls ranging in size from 4mm - 16mm. Start with the big ones to cover ground, and then fill in the gaps with the smaller sizes.
  • Working in 1"-2" square sections worked best for me. Squeeze glue onto the wreath form, and stick the pearls into the glue blob. Keep going.
Happy Crafting!

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