Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Project Pen Pal

At long last I can report that we made it safely to our new home and life is starting to feel normal again. Here's a little project I did before our move last summer and again with our move this summer. I typed up a little letter and included a self-addressed-stamped envelopes for each of the kids in Hudson's class. They send Hudson a letter to our new home; and that helps bridge the gap between missing his old friends and making new ones. And Hudson has a pen pal project to keep him busy this summer (and longer). Writing letters is such a dying art, so I'm glad to implement this as a fun summer project as well as a learning experience. Two birds with one stone.

If you're lucky enough to NOT be moving this summer, I know there are online services that can set your kiddos up with a pen pal. Or, just shoot me an email with your address...my kids would be happy to have more pen pals. Happy Summer Vacation!

P.S. Come back tomorrow for a fun giveaway from Shabby Apple