Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Project Pen Pal

At long last I can report that we made it safely to our new home and life is starting to feel normal again. Here's a little project I did before our move last summer and again with our move this summer. I typed up a little letter and included a self-addressed-stamped envelopes for each of the kids in Hudson's class. They send Hudson a letter to our new home; and that helps bridge the gap between missing his old friends and making new ones. And Hudson has a pen pal project to keep him busy this summer (and longer). Writing letters is such a dying art, so I'm glad to implement this as a fun summer project as well as a learning experience. Two birds with one stone.

If you're lucky enough to NOT be moving this summer, I know there are online services that can set your kiddos up with a pen pal. Or, just shoot me an email with your address...my kids would be happy to have more pen pals. Happy Summer Vacation!

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Katherine said...

That s the sweetest idea!!! What a special treat for super special little guy! I hope you are starting to feel settled in your new pace. Love ya lots and lots! Xoxox. Ps Send me your new address pretty pease!!!!!

Blog Author: JaKell Meckley said...

Cute! We have moved soooo many times over the years and we have done this the last three moves. Hard on kids leaving their friends over and over. We also rented a bounce house one year and had a little goodbye party because it was in the summer and was such a quick thing their school friends wouldn't know. With the invite we included a little page to bring with and our new address. The page had a spot for their address and place to write their favorite memory of them together. We treasure that binder. At the party we took pictures of them alone ith each friend and added it to the memory page. The last two moves ( that we changed towns etc.) we didn't have time for a party so just did the letter similar to yours and they brought the pages to school and the teachers allowed them to fill them out in class so we could add it to our binder. All three of my older kids who have done it have had a bunch of friends return letters and be their pen pals. It's been fun :)