Friday, November 2, 2012

Monster Party

I know October's over, but I have to share a little recap from Charlotte's birthday party. She turned three on Halloween, and I know I did the monster thing once before, but that was pretty much limited to this time I took things a little bit further. Take a peek.

The kiddos feasted on fluffy monster juice boxes and one-eyed cupcakes. Most of them just licked the frosting off the cupcakes, but can you blame them? I kinda wanted to do that myself.

One of our party games was a monster bean bag toss. The monster is one I designed for an invitation a couple years ago. I had this crazy idea to make the beanbag toss out of a vinyl outdoor banner and some PVC pipe. It was a huge hit; and super sturdy. I made beanbags out of knit gloves I found in the dollar section at the craft store. Added bonus: I re-used this game the next day at the 1st grade Halloween party.

 I've been wanting to have a monster adoption center ever since I saw this pin on pinterest. (Original idea here and here). I found some socks in the dollar section of the craft store (I hang out there a lot), cut them in half and added some eyeballs and felt hair. I learned the key to making monsters is not to try too hard. The best thing? Each one of these cuties only cost about .25 each. I had all the felt and the eyeballs on hand. Sidenote: I have a real problem buying wiggly eyes. Really. Somebody needs to stage an intervention. I've never met a wiggly eyeball I can resist.

Here's something else I can't resist:
This three-year-old. Hope you had a great day, my girl.



Erin said...

I want to be you!!!! (and Charlotte is sooo precious)

jeanine said...

This is SO cute! I love it! I have a niece born on Halloween... I'm going to send this to my sister in law!

Katherine said...

I am in monster heaven! Every last detail is spectacularly amazing!!!!!!!! The adopt a monter station is unbelievably cute! What a special bday celebration for the most special girl! Xoxxoxoxoxoxo

Wahzat Gayle said...

Oh this party is awesome... love the bean bag toss but in love with the adoption center.
Charlotte has gotten so big and look at all her hair. happy belated birthday to her.