Friday, May 18, 2012

Lately + Coming Up

The days and weeks are speeding by. I've been busy with projects (t-shirts, wedding invitations, name it) and moving preparations. But I do have a few noteworthy things to mention as we head off into the weekend.

Polka-dot recipe cards are now available in my shop.
They make great teacher and graduation gifts, since school is almost over. 

I really wanted to host a Stella & Dot trunk show at my home this spring...but things are such a mess with boxes and packing and upcoming events, that I've opted to host an online show instead. It starts next week. {Psst: stay tuned for a fun giveaway!} 

I'm always in awe of the talented, busy, wonderful women I meet (both in real life and through blogging). And I always find myself asking, "How DOES she do it?" I've decided it's time to stop wondering and start asking. Welcome to my new interview series: How does she do it?

In this new series, I'll introduce you to some fantastic ladies who are happy to share their secrets on balancing all the great things in their lives. Have someone you'd like me to interview? Just say the word and I'll do the rest.

And remember last year's Summer List? It's been making the rounds on Pinterest again this I've got a brand spankin' new list coming out this year. Oh, and both lists will be available here and over at Honest to Nod as a printable download soon. Combine both lists for 200 things to do this summer. Game on.

Have a great weekend!


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