Friday, December 2, 2011

Countdown to Christmas

Remember last year when I was trying to figure out a plan for a fun advent calendar the day before I needed it? Well, here's what I came up with. It actually turned out to be such a hit that we're using it again this year. 
We made these little bags out of holiday paper, printed a sticker for each day, filled the bags with little activity cards and pinned them up on the mantle.

I actually used my Cricut to cut the bags (they're on the Plantin Schoolbook cartridge, in case you're wondering). And I had some mini clothespins that worked perfectly for pinning them up. Inside each bag is a fun (inexpensive) holiday activity that we can do together.

Here's a little peek at this year's activities:

Looking under the couch and in the closet are activities that reveal a fun surprise: this year, it's an Elf on the Shelf, and a gingerbread man kit. I also took to pinterest to find some inspiration for other fun activities. I can't wait for our indoor snowball fight and the snowman craft.

Don't look too close...I'm short a few clothespins. ;)
 And in case you're like me and do your best work at the last minute (or a bit on the late side), I've created some free printables for the number stickers and the activity cards. I think this would be so cute with little envelopes or tiny brown bags instead of the paper bags. 


Jackie said...

This is so cute-love your bags! I'm not as crafty, so I just have one I bought from the store. But I'm so glad you posted these ideas because I'm only on day 2 and was already running out of ideas! Ha. The indoor snowball fight is so cute-did you buy the set, or make your own?

km said...

LOVE it! Sweet, fun, bright and cheery... :):):)

km said...

PS I can't wait to do an indoor snow ball fight!! My kids are going to go crazy for that... just gotta keep the baby safe. :)

Wahzat Gayle said...

This is an awesome idea I was thinking of something similar though not as pretty!

Cherry Blossoms said...

Super cute and I love all the fun ideas.