Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mystery Meal

The house was quiet. Perhaps a little too quiet. I followed the muted giggles into the kitchen. Two pair of legs poked out from behind the cupboard door. When I opened the door, I found my mischievous children along with their handy work. When I asked where the labels were, they pointed to the garbage can. Of course, this is the only time anybody has ever thrown anything away without being asked.

Despite their hijinks, my kids earn points on two counts: 1. They played together nicely--no screaming or hitting was involved; and 2. They used the garbage can appropriately and independently.

With that in mind, anybody want to come over for a scrumptious mystery meal? 



Jill GG (good life for less) said...

oh that is TOO funny! Have you checked for any factory stamps or anything on the bottoms of them!?!? Maybe a good shake or rattle could give you some clues!

Either way... it's definitely a story for their memory books!

Alexis said...

Love it! Totally something my kids would do :)

Jenni Johansen said...

hahaha! Good Luck!

Emily said...

Funny story! Thanks for sharing. I work with kids all day and know that if it is too quiet, they are definitely up to something!