Friday, June 17, 2011

Cheap Summer Fun

With Summer Vacation finally in full-swing we've got our list of 100 activities to do together. I'll share it next week. But I have a little homework for you this weekend. Hop over to and sign your kids up. I did it yesterday, and it's brilliant. Your kid can bowl two games free every day of the summer and all you have to pay for is shoe rental.

Another source for cheap summer entertainment is the dollar movies. Check out the theater near you and see if they offer a summer kids' program. We printed out the schedule and picked the shows we want to see.

Also, check out your local library for summer programs. Ours is doing a reading game, and they offer weekly entertainment: magicians, animal shows, etc.

Just a few ways you can beat the heat this summer. What are your favorite summer secrets?


jeanine said...

I'm excited to see your list... I made a list too and just posted it on my personal blog.
I signed my boys up for bowling... but we haven't gone yet. I think they'll like it. We love the zoo. If we go first thing in the morning it's not too hot or crowded. Since we got a season pass I don't feel bad if we just see a few things and leave! We also love the local spray park. It's fun for the boys to play in the water and I don't have to stress like I would at the pool.

km said...

WE haven't been bowling in FOREVER! My only summer trick to "be okay with whatever." It feels good to be OKAY with a day of NOTHING. :):)

Natalia Lopérgolo said...

The children and the vacations!... In winter or summer, always we must think in an early way how to keep them entertaining... Now here it is cold and surely we must sharpen the ingenuity by the beginning of winter vacations: Surely we will take our daughter to the cinema and entertainments under security of the climate... In winter or summer, always the time is beautiful to happen with our children.

My better regards from Argentina